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From what material is the clock made?
Theunique, engraved clocks are made from layered poplar tree sheets.
This type of wood is especially light, and it enables us to create beautiful engravings.
The clock mechanism used has no operational noise due to its plastic housing, and it works with a single AA battery.
The battery is not included!
What kind of pictures can be engraved on the clock?
Wehave engraved many kinds of pictures on clocks, and we can say for certain, that
 a high resolution picture is most ideal. The upper resolution limit for engraving is 1000 dpi. In the editor, you can upload black and white and coloured images as well.

How durable is the clock?

Thanks to the laser engraving, we burn the picture pixels of the picture deep into the structure of the wood,
which means that it will never become faded.