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Love lock designer


The love lock can be designed under a few minutes. The process does not require any knowledge in graphics, since there are pre-made designs available that help you in the process.

It is advisable to select the preferred design/designs first. This can be done by clicking on the “Add Image” function. Here, you can select the one that meets your taste best, by choosing a picture from the many categories. When the image appears on the lock, left click on the image, and move it to the desired place. With the slides on the left, you can also set the size and angle as well. Now, if you would like to, you can a text to the lock as well, by clicking on the “Add Text” function. Enter your text into the entry-field (or text-box) , then by using the slides, set the preferred size and angle. By clicking on the “Rotate” function, you can design the other side of the lock as well, in the same manner as previously explained. Please note, that the double sided engraving is more expensive! Dates, monograms, abbreviations, almost anything can be engraved...

After you have finished designing the Love Lock, click on the basket icon to arrange payment and shipping. The price of the Love Lock does not include shipping costs.

If you find yourself lacking ideas for the design, you can always check out a few samples in our gallery, or view our video about the designing of the lock. This way, you will surely come up with a really unique design!



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