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Unique engraved clock


The clock can be designed in a few minutes. All you will need is have a high-quality image available on your PC, and you can start right away! First, select the preferred shape from the three options. Next, it is advisable to continue with the clock face, where you can select the design of the numbers from the drop down menu. If you would prefer not to have a clock face on the clock, then you can delete it by clicking on the “Show clock face” function, which can be found on the left side. Now select and upload the chosen picture from your PC with the “Upload Picture function”. After you have selected the image, a sizing box will come up, in which you can adjust the dimensions of the picture by using the mouse. The next step is to click on the “Move image” function, which lets you adjust the size and position of the picture. We advise not to position important parts of the image to the centre of the clock arms, since that will not be visible after the engraving process. You also have the possibility to add text to the picture, with the “Add text” option. In this case, you have to enter your text into the text editor, and then move it to the desired position, where you can additionally set the size of the text. After you are finished with the editing, click on “Add to basket” (located at the top right) to arrange payment and shipping.


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