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Custom engraved wine and champagne gift box making champagne, wine-box module


You can design a uniquely engraved wine or champagne box with only a few easy steps. First, select the type of box you would like to design. The editing section will come up, where you’ll see the front face of the box. You can hide or show the sides or parts of the box by using the control panel on the left, so our tip is to start the editing here. The front face of the box is divided into four parts by default. You can vary or edit the contents of the given part freely. The editing function offers you four possibilities for each part, which are: insert image, where you can upload a picture from your PC. The text editor grants you the possibility to insert your very own text that you would like to see on this side of the box. As for the number cutting option; if you would like to present the box as a birthday gift, then after entering the birth date of the recipient, the cut-out of that date will appear on the box. At the bottommost section, you can select a cut-out pattern for the front of the box. This should be sized so that the label of the bottle that will be placed inside the box, will still be visible.

You can also design the sides of the box if you would prefer to do so. If not, just leave out this step. After you are finished with the editing, click on “Add to basket” to arrange payment and shipping.



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