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Terms of Services Directimpex Kft

Company Information:

Company name: Directimpex Kft.
Company headquarters: 1st Floor, Széchenyi str. 78, Miskolc, 3530, Hungary
In case of complaints write to:
Városház tér 8., 3525 Miskolc
Tax Identification Number: 23758216-2-05
Trade Registry Number: 05-09-023289
Court of Company Registration: Registry Court of Miskolc
Language of Contract:
E-mail address:
Phone number: +36 20 80 10 845
Virtual Hosting Provider data:
Shipping Partner (s): Magyar Posta (Hungarian Post) (MPL), FedEx
Order Processing: Weekdays, from 09:00 until 18:00
Usual Fulfilment of Orders:
2-3 working days
In case of lack of stock: 1-3 weeks
Webshop domain:
Data Protection Register number of the Service:

The webshop site, is a product designing and ordering web page that has a real-time product editing surface. The user (buyer) can design their own product, and can order it afterwards. The Seller (the operator of the web shop) cannot be held responsible for any possible design errors that are performed by the buyer!


  1. Electronic purchasing is done in our webshop.

  2. Anyone can purchase goods from our electronic webshop, who has a valid registration to the site.

  3. By registering, the Buyer acknowledges and accepts the current General Terms and Conditions and is aware of the ordering and fulfilment conditions. Also, the Buyer is aware of the possibilities and limitations of the Internet, especially regarding the technical performance and the possible errors.

  4. If the registration sheet is filled out incorrectly or with errors, the registration is invalid. The Seller is not responsible in any form for dispatching the package to a wrong addres, if incorrect data were provided.

2. Important aspects of the subject of contract

  1. The qualities of the purchased product are detailed at the product description page.

3. Purchasing price and shipping costs, payment and shipping conditions, shipping deadlines

  1. The purchasing price is always the amount shown next to the selected product, which contains the Value Added Tax (VAT) as well.

  2. Apart from the purchasing price, the buyer pays for the packaging and shipping as well, which will be shown at the invoice during the process of making an order.

4. Shipping and Payment

  1. Within Hungary, the shipping is handled by Magyar Posta (Hungarian Post) (MPL). We use the package shipping services of FedEx to ship abroad. Personal pick-up is also possible.

  2. After the received purchasing order has been processed, MPL or FedEx ships the purchased good(s) to the buyer (during working hours) according to their own conditions. The price of the product and the shipping cost has to be paid by wire transaction after the purchase has been made, or in the case of Collect on Delivery payments, to the MPL. Personal pick-up is also an option. In this case, there is no need to pay in advance, and there are no shipping costs either.

5. The right of withdrawal

Member States shall not provide for the right of withdrawal in respect of distance and off-premises contracts as regards the following:

c) the supply of goods made to the consumer’s specifications or clearly personalised;

  1. Within 24 hours of the purchase, the buyer can – without reason – withdraw from the purchase. The buyer has to inform the seller about this event via phone, fax, or e-mail.

  2. The withdrawal is valid only if the fax or e–mail messages were received by the seller. If the e-mail has been lost, or did not arrive to the seller within the given time, then the product will be shipped. If the buyer does not withdraw from the purchase within the provided time period, or the provided methods, then they must cover all costs related to the purchase made.

  3. The buyer pays for the expenses for sending the product back due to withdrawing from the purchase.

6. Other conditions

  1. The personal data that you provide while making a purchase are received and confidentally handled by the Seller. The Seller does not forward your data to a third party, except for the data required to fulfill the shipping process.

  2. The Seller cannot be held responsibe for any possible damages that might occur by joining the webshop. The buyer is solely responsible for estimating how can they protect their personal computer and their data against a possible online attack.

  1. The Seller cannot be held responsible for losing data sent or received over the internet, for errors in the network which can prevent normal operation, and for any losses due to incorrectly installed softwares, programs, or other technical faults. The seller is free of any compensational responsibility regarding the previously listed (and of similar) reasons. By registering, the Buyer specificaly agrees to this.

  2. The Seller can modify the prices of the products as well as the purchasing terms, according to their business policy. Any changes performed will become live once displayed online on the webshop. During these changes, the webshop is closed for a short period of time.

7.Damage to the products

  1. Certain products are made from wood and might become damaged during shipping. In such cases, the Seller is not responsible, only the shipping company can be held accountable for the damage. We always pack the products appropriately. The Buyer can ask to handle the package as “Fragile”. This service is provided by the shipping company and the costs are added to the Buyers expense.

  2. Some products have to be assembled by the buyer which means that we provide an assembly manual with the package, which can also be found on our website. The Seller is not responsilbe for any damages to the product during the assembly process.

8. Using the webshop

  1. The Buyer can design the product on the online surface. The Seller cannot be held responsible for any graphic designing and / or editing errors made by the buyer.

  2. The preset images and pictures in the webshop belong to the Seller, and all are designed by the Seller as well, meaning that copying, distributing, and using them for other purposes is FORBIDDEN and can result in a legal proceding.

  3. From time to time, the Seller improves, tests and corrects the online designing modules of the webshop and can suspend the operation of the site during these periods.

9. Modifying the General Terms and Conditions

  1. The Seller upholds the right to modify the contracting and purchasing terms at anytime. The modifications are live after their publication on the site.

  2. The contractual and buying terms are the property of Directimpex Ltd., which upholds the exclusive right to modify those.

  3. The prices of the products in the webshop are monthly revised by the Seller, who upholds the right to change these prices.

I accept, that all of my following personal data stored by Directimpex Ltd. (1st Floor, Széchenyi str. 78, Miskolc, 3530, Hungary) in the user database of will be forwarded to PayU Hungary Ltd (1074 Budapest, Rákóczi út 70-72.) as a data handler: username, last name, first name, country, phone number, e-mail address.

Purpose of forwarding these data: providing customer service aid for the users, and fraud-monitoring in order to protect the users and confirmation of transactions.

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